Thursday, September 18, 2008


Tickle Me Silly WON BEST ANIMATED PILOT at the New York Television Festival!

The festival was awesome. We got to see a bunch of unique films and meet very interesting people, plus we got to hear major network producers talk and give feedback about the industry. My many thanks to the director and crew of the festival!

The film did great! It was amazing to hear the crowd laughing and truly enjoying themselves. Many people approached us and told us how much they enjoyed it.

I want to thank everyone who attended the festival in person and in spirit. It meant a lot to me. This award is thanks to all your support!

Thank you!


kaNO! said...

Dude your kicking ass!!!

Nutcasenightmare said...

Congrats on your success! I was the animator of Wentworth and Buxbury, so I'm pretty darn envious... ;-)